Texas has enacted an almost total ban on abortion care—outlawing abortion before most people even know that they are pregnant.
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How can you help?


The abortion ban in Texas, SB 8, is a devastating law that is hurting people in Texas every day that it is in effect. This ban hurts people living with low incomes and Black and Latinx people most. The NAF Hotline Fund provides holistic case management support to help patients who need an abortion. We also run a patient assistance fund to help patients pay for their care and the unexpected travel costs. Since September 1, we have been helping facilitate rapid care for the fraction of people within Texas who can still obtain it legally and providing focused case management to get Texas patients care outside the state with as little delay as possible. You can help people in Texas by making a donation to the NAF Hotline Fund. Your gift of:


Gift Card

$25 provides a gift card to cover lunch for a patient after their abortion while they travel back to Texas


Gas Card

$50 provides a pre-paid gas card to help a patient who needs to drive to Louisiana to get an abortion


Hotel Stay

$100 provides one night in a hotel for a patient who needs to stay overnight in Albuquerque while accessing an abortion



$250 provides a roundtrip plane ticket for a patient to fly from Houston to Tulsa to obtain a first-trimester abortion


Abortion Care

$550 provides one Texas patient with a first-trimester abortion in a surrounding state


Do you need an abortion in Texas?

A new law in Texas bans abortion very early in pregnancy. The NAF Hotline Fund can help you find a local provider. Or we can help you find a clinic in another state and if you qualify, we may be able to help you book and pay for your travel.

Call 1-800-772-9100 and press "1" to be connected to a member of our Texas Concierge Team

We are experiencing high call volume so wait times may be longer than usual. Please remain on the line and we will connect with you as soon as we can.

What to expect when you call

  • Oct 11, 2019
    When you call the NAF Hotline, you will be connected with an Intake Counselor who has additional training to support Texas patients and you will be assigned to a Regional Case Manager who will work with you during your abortion access experience. Regional Case Managers provide emotional and logistical support so that you do not have to figure out this process alone.
  • Oct 11, 2019
    Your Case Manager can also connect you to local abortion funds or other community-based resources if you need them.
  • Oct 11, 2019
    If you need to travel out of state, we can help you arrange your travel and see if you qualify for financial assistance for your abortion and/or travel expenses.
  • Oct 11, 2019
    We have a Travel Coordinator who can provide on-call support while you are traveling in case you have any issues or questions.

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